Naturally grown chilli products from Tasmania featuring the hottest
chillies on the planet!

Each year, I grow a selection of chillies from the hottest varieties available. This will vary from one growing season to the next, as I am trialling various varieties to determine how they perform in Tassie. I take great care in nurturing the plants to maximise their health and vigour. The resulting crop is free from any spray or chemical residue, as ONLY naturally derived or organically approved fertilizers are used!
The end product is ABSOLUTELY free from ANYTHING artificial, NO preservatives, NO artificial colours or flavours. I chose the business name and image of the Tasmanian Devil for a number of reasons, firstly I am a proud Tasmanian resident and the Tassie Devil is unique to this beautiful state. Secondly, my chillies pack a savage bite as does the Tassie Devil! The devil has the most powerful bite relative to body size of any living mammalian carnivore, exerting a force of 553 Newtons (56.4 kgforce) or 800 Pounds per Square inch! For more information on this fascinating, iconic animal, click the Wikipedia link.

Sadly the Tasmanian
Devil is in strife due to the Facial Tumour Disease and needs our help. I will
be donating part of my profits to the Save The Tasmanian Devil Program



Flamin’ Devil Chillies

Phone: 0427 220 136


Located: St Leonard, Tasmania, Australia

ABN: 96 431 273 367


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